Chicago O'Hare Airport

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One of the world's busiest, O'Hare is a wellorganized airport and generally you'll have no problems finding your way. O'Hare is so so large that we recommend you print a terminalmap  so you can find your way quickly on connectingflights.  

Chicago O'Hare's name is a *very* interesting story.  Formerly"Orchard Field", it was renamed after naval pilot ButchO'Hare, who led one of WW II's most daring air battles to preserve theAircraft Carrier Lexington from an attack.  A month later O'Hare ledanother daring attack against torpedo bombers.  His plane disappeared andhe was never found. 

Midway Airport is also a major fly-in point for Chicago.
Follow this link to more about Midway Airport.

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Parking| Flights | Transportation| Terminals &Maps | Airport


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